Cupping set ”Albert Stille”

3500 €

c.1841-1870, Stockholm, Sweden, private collection from Finland.

The cupping is based on the classical conception of humor of the four basic fluids in man: blood, phlegm, black and yellow bile. Based on Hippocratic medicine, it was believed that the four humors were to be in balanced proportions with regard to amount and strength of each humor for a body to be healthy. Inbalance and separation of humors leeds to diseases. The venous blood is removed from the patient using cupping horns or suction cups. The blood is drawn by local suction from small incision.

This museum quality cupping set has been made by famous Johan Albrecht (Albert) Stille. In 1841, Stille was found by Albert Stille, who ran a workshop producing surgical instruments at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden.

This unique medical cupping set has three cuppingglasses with screw-thread, they are screwed on a brass pump. All cuppingglasses are intact and in excellent condition. Incisions in the skin are made with a brass scarficator which, when triggered, simultaneously strikes 12 small incisions. The mechanical scarficatoris also flawless and fully functional. The instruments are packed in a original mahogany case lined with blue velvet. Inside the lid, the instruction manual is in Swedish. Original label on the inside of the case:

”Albert Stille, Chir: Instrumentmakare vid Kgl: Carolinska Institutet i Stockholm.”

Cupping set are in perfect condition. Dust. Size approx 20cm x 15,5cm.