Skull for anatomical studies


early 20th century, Netherlands, private collection from Finland.

Ex-medical human skull for anatomical studies. Skull cap is unattached. Original brass strings, hooks and screws are missing from skull cap and lower mandible, replaced with cotton string and iron wire. Almost all teeth are missing. Gorgeous dark patina. Good condition. Signs of educational use and handling over many years. Dirt, dust and soot. Size approx. 14cm x 13cm x 20cm.

Notice! All of our human osteolgical specimens are ex-medical/ anatomical educational samples or ethnographical seremonial artefacts (eg.kapalas). We don’t sell, buy, or pass on human osteological specimens with unknown origin whose characteristics do not meet the above criteria. Breach of the sanctity of the grave ( Criminal Code of Finland, Criminal Law 563/1998, Chapter 17, Section 12)