One key xylophone ”Luba”

150 €

Luba-people, 20th century, Democratic Republic of the Congo, private collection from Finland.

The Luba-people (called also Balubà, Louba, Warua) are cluster of peoples who inhabit a wide areas of south-central Democratic Republic of the Congo. The name applies to a variety of peoples who, though of different origins, speak closely related languages and share a common political history with past members of the Kingdom of the Luba, which flourished from approximately the late 15th through the late 19th century.

Although the history of the Luba people is one of violence and warfare, their artistic style is characterized by harmonious integration of organically related forms. The most significant are the emphasis on women in Luba arts. Luba explain that only women, who have the potential to become pregnant and produce new life, are strong enough to hold powerful spirits and the secret knowledge associated with them.

This one key xylophone are made of gourd, wood, resin, hide and fiber. Wooden mallet with burnt raw natural rubber head. Good condition. Age-related wear and dust. The size of this coarse and absolutely unique percussion are approx. 28cm x 11cm.