Collection of fossil teeth "Cosmopolitodus & Striatolamia"


The Miocene epoch, c. 20 million years ago, Antwerp, Belgium & Temblor Formation of Bakersfield, California, USA. private collection from Netherlands.

Cosmopolitodus is an extinct genus of mackerel shark that lived between thirty to one million years ago during the late Oligocene to the Early Pleistocene epochs. Its type species is Cosmopolitodus hastalis, the broad-tooth mako (other common names include the extinct giant mako and broad-tooth white shark). In 2021, Isurus planus was reassigned to the genus, and thus became the second species C. planus. Its teeth can reach lengths up to 7,5 cm and are found worldwide. It is believed to be an ancestor to the great white shark, an argument supported by the transitional species Carcharodon hubbelli, but as of 2021, no phylogenetic analyses have been done for proof.

Striatolamia is an extinct genus of sharks belonging to the family Odontaspididae. These extinct sharks lived from the Early Paleocene to Late Miocene epochs.

A fine set of three beautiful fossil shark teeth. Good condition. Age-related wear,  minimal fractures and cracks. Dirt, dust and deposit. Size of teeth c. 3,9cm x 2,4cm, 4,1cm x 2,1cm and 2,7cm x 1,8cm. Sell as a set.