Mineral "Fuchsite"

18 €

Brazil, private collection from Netherlands.

Fuchsite, also known as chrome mica, is a chromium rich variety of the mineral muscovite, belonging to the mica group of phyllosilicate minerals. It is also known as Chrome Mica or Green Muscovite. Its beautiful green color comes from its rich chromium content. Fuchsite is usually a very light green crystal; however, it can also be found in a dark to medium earthy green shade when the chromium content increases.

It crystallizes in the form of scales, masses, layered plates as well as tiny tabular crystals. This stone is fairly common and was first discovered in the early 1800s. The name fuchsite is in honor of Johann Nepomuk von Fuchs, a famed German mineralogist. The condition of the sample is excellent. Age-related wear, fractures and minor cracks may appear. Dirt and dust may exist. Size approx. 5,4cm x 4,0cm x 1,7cm. Weight c. 54g.