Bath clogs "Nalin"

650 €

Ottoman Empire, Turkey, early 19th century, private collection from Finland.

Absolutely mesmerizing pair of woman's hammam clogs (in Turkish called Nalin) are from Ottoman Turkey. These antique bathing clogs were worn during traditional Turkish bathing ceremonies, rituals and the daily personal cleansing activities during the Ottoman period Turkey. Such clogs were designed for a wealthy woman so that when worn she would be elevated above hot, wet and dirty floor. Walking however, required the assistance of an attendant, because of the wet and slippery surfaces. The various heights of the Nalin represented the hierarchy in society. Their Arabic name "qabqab" derives from the sound they made when they were being used.

The base of the Nalin was carved out of hard woods such as plane, walnut, box, ebony or sandalwood and embellished with silver, mother-of-pearl, gold, tortoise shell, bone etc. The strap of Nalin, attached to the wooden sole, which wrapped over user's foot, was made out fabric or leather and decorated with valuable stones, pearls, gilded silver thread and embroidery.

This remarkable bathing clog pair is carved from wood (possibly walnut) and decorated with ornamental inlaying with mother-of-pearl and silver threads. The leather strap is covered in embroidered green fabric. The pair is in good condition. Few missing mother-of-pearl inlays (4 pieces total). The fabric covering to the straps is bit frayed. Age-related wear, wormholes, minor imperfections, dirt and dust. Size approx. 12,0cm x 23,5cm.