Collection of beads "Kuchi"

95 €

Kuchi people, Ghazni, Afghanistan, 19th century, private collection from Finland.

Kuchis are Pashtuns, the dominant tribe in Afghanistann and though most of them are settled now, once upon a time they were almost all nomads, among them the Afghan royal family. Kuchis mostly keep sheep, goats and camels. The produce of animals (meat, dairy products, wool etc.) is exchanged or sold in order to purchase grain, tea, sugar, vegetables and other products of settled life. Kuchi means "nomad" in the Dari (Persian) language.

Lovely small collection of various old beads from Kuchi people, Afghanistan. Made of low grade silver and brass. Relatively good condition. Age-related wear. Signs of use. Abrasion and oxidiation. Gorgeous patina. Size of the beads varies from 0,4cm to 2,0cm. Sell as a set.