Collection of seashells "Cerithium cumingi"


West America, Australia, Vietnam, Philippines, 20th century, private collection from Finland.

Gorgeous old collection of various seashells and land snail shells. Large collection include species such as Haliotis asinina, Pecten macarensis, Strombus urceus, Mactra violacea, Acanthocardia echinata, Cerithium cumingi, Monetaria annulus, Murex endivia, Swiftopecten swifti, Patella vulgata, Anadara granosa etc. The condition of shells and snail shells varies from moderate to excellent. Age-related wear, fractures and minor cracks may appear. Dirt and dust may exists. Size of the cardboard box 19,0cm x 19,0cm x 7,0cm with approx. 190 shells. Size of individual shells varies from 1,5cm to 10,5cm.

NB! This shell/conch collection are part of larger old seashell/conch collection from Finland, Europe. We don’t sell, buy or distribute new shells, conches or fragments and we don’t accept their illegal importation.