Diorama "Corvidae"


Victorian era 1837-1901, England, private collection from Finland.

This stunning large diorama holds a Eurasian magpie or common magpie (Pica pica). A magnificent still life has been built inside this diorama with painted hay, flowers, fern, sand and branches. Painted background with serene view of the evening sky. Original hanging hook. The rear side of the diorama are label with inscription:

"Established 1845, C. Yeoman, Taxidermist, Furrier and Skin dresser, 96 High Street, Southampton "

Good condition. Original glass. Age-related wear and minor defects. A small crack in the lower corner of the front glass. Dust and dirt. Size approx. 44,5cm x 35,5cm x 16cm.

NB! Very brittle and thin glass. We will not post this item. Pick-up from the shop.