Ceremonial necklace "Naga"

160 €

Naga people, Nagaland, India/Myanmar, 20th century, private collection from Netherland.

This gorgeous ceremonial necklace with dozens of yak (Bos grunniens) teeth are from Nagaland. Naga-people refer to several tribes who inhabit northeastern India and northwestern Myanmar. The Naga tribes practised headhunting through the 19th century an as late 1969.

Nagas have strong warrior tradition. Beside that the Naga tribes are expert craftman. Their dwellings are made of wood, ornately carved and decorate the entrances of their dwellings with the heads of buffaloes. Weaving of colorful woolen and cotton shawls and headgears is a central activity for woman of all Naga tribes. Design of the shawl denotes the social status of the wearer.

Naga jewelry is an equally important part of indentity and the use of wide range of materials including, shell, bone, claws, teeths and tusks, horns, hair etc. This gorgeous yak tooth necklace is in good shape. Newer string. Beautiful old patina, smoothed surface and signs of wear. Necklace approx. 57,0 cm long with 28 teeth. Individual tooth size are c. 4,5cm x 1,4cm.