Folding scalpel ”Albert Stille”

200 €

c.1850’s, Stockholm, private collection from Sweden.

This museum quality double blade surgical scalpel has been made by famous Johan Albrecht (Albert) Stille. In 1841, Stille was found by Albert Stille, who ran a workshop producing surgical instruments at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden.

This small and gorgeous double blade scalpel have two folding blades, one is round, the other has a pointed tip. This small narrow-bladed scalpel, was probably used for routine minor surgeries and is a folding version which allowed for easy travel in the pocket. The blades are accessed by lifting the small T-handles and then pulling out the blade to full position. The blades can be locked in place by moving the small metal button in the handle forward. Handle appears to be a faux tortoiseshell and made from horn. Excellent condition. Blades are still very sharp. Dust. One of the blade with carved ”Stille”. Size approx 10,5cm when closed and 21,5cm when fully opened.