Fossil "Rhacolepis buccalis"

195 €

The Cretaceous period, Santana Formation, Brazil, South America, private collection from Finland.

Rhacolepis is an extinct genus of ray-finned fish from the Cretaceous Santana Formation of Brazil. Estimated age is 150-109 million years old. The Rhacolepis buccalis genus is remarkable for its role in advancement of evolutionary research. Recent 3D technology allowed paleontologists to identify a chambered heart (with five internal valves) in a Rhacolepis buccalis, even though it was almost completely encased in stone. For the first time in history, a soft-tissue organ from fossilized vertebrate was finally detected.

Museum-quality fossil shows considerable detail, including individual scales, gills, fins, and, even eyes. Good condition. Age-related wear, fractures and small cracks. Size of the matrix c. 16,0cm x 5,3cm (fish 13,0cm x 2,7cm). Weight c. 372g.