Osteological specimen "Malleus"


Early 20th century, private collection from Netherlands.

This very small osteological specimen is hammer-shaped bone (malleus). The ossicles are three bones in either middle ear that are the smallest bones in the human body. Though the term "ossicle" may refer to any small bone throughout the body, it typically refers to the malleus, incus and stapes (hammer, anvil and stirrup) of the middle ear.

Malleus are ex-medical educational specimen. Good condition. Age-related wear, dust and dirt. Size approx. 0,8cm.

Notice! All of our human osteological specimens are ex-medical/ anatomical educational samples or ethnographical seremonial artefacts (eg.kapalas). We don’t sell, buy, or pass on human osteological specimens with unknown origin whose characteristics do not meet the above criteria. Breach of the sanctity of the grave (Criminal Code of Finland, Criminal Law 563/1998, Chapter 17, Section 12).