Mineral "Rutilated quartz"


Sierra Leone, West Africa, private collection from Sweden.

Rutile is an oxide mineral composed primarily of titanium dioxide. Rarer polymorphs of titanium dioxide are known, including anatase, akaogiite, and brookite. Rutile forms red to reddish brown, dark brown to black, hard, brilliant metallic, slender crystals, often completely surrounded by other minerals. Quartz that contains long, delicate, translucent rutile needles is called rutilated quartz, or Venus's-hairstone; it has been used as an ornamental stone since ancient times and was particularly prized in England and France during the 18th century. The condition of the sample is good. Age-related wear, fractures and minor cracks may appear. Dirt and dust may exist. Size approx.  5,1cm x 6,1cm x 4,8cm. Weight c. 155g.