Giant clam shell "Tridacna squamosa"

125 €

Early to mid. 20th century, private collection from Finland.

Fluted giant clam (Tridacna squamosa) is one of a number of large clam species native to the shallow coral reefs of the South Pacific and Indian Oceans. It is distinguished by the large, leaf-like fluted edges on its shell called 'scutes' and a byssal opening that is small compared to those of other members of the subfamily Tridacnindae, the giant clams. Tridacna squamosa grows to c. 40 centimetres.

A gorgeous old sample of a Tridacna squamosa clam shell. This gorgeous shell comes from Finnish private collection. Good condition. Minor age-related wear, chip, dirt and dust. A small area from the bottom is sanded to keep the shell in upright position. Size approx. 23,0cm x 14,5cm x 9,0cm. Weight c. 1112g.

NB! This aged shell/conch are from private collection, Finland, Europe. We don’t sell, buy or distribute new shells, conches or fragments and we don’t accept their illegal importation.