Collection of sea stars "Protoreaster nodosus"

85 €

20th century, private collection from Finland.

Stunning old collection of sea stars and sand dollars. Collection include species such as Protoreaster nodosus, Archaster typicus, Linckia laevigata, Clypeaster reticulatus, Mellita quinquiesperforata etc. Ex-school specimens from Finland. The condition of the seastars ranges from good to excellent. Age-related wear, fractures and minor cracks may appear. Dirt and dust may exists. Size of the cardboard box 15,0cm x 15,0cm x 3,0cm, with approx. 13 specimens. Size varies from 2,5cm to 11,0cm. Total weight c. 317g.

NB! This aged sea star collection are ex-school specimen from Finland, Europe. We don’t sell, buy or distribute new shells, conches, sea stars, corals or fragments and we don’t accept their illegal importation.