Skull for anatomical studies ”Beauchene”

2500 €

Victorian era (1837-1901) England. Private collection from Finland.

This magnificent anatomical human skull has been totally disassembled. The skull bones are detached from their natural sutures so that the bones can be viewed separately. This skull are ex-medical educational sample and are in good condition. Though almost all teeths are missing. The nasal cartilages are preserved in small paper pouch. Gorgeous natural color. Signs of educational use and handling over many years. Dust, soot and markings. Skull bones are packed in wooden box of Russian marmalades, size approx. 34cm x 22cm x 9cm.

Notice! All of our human osteolgical specimens are ex-medical/ anatomical educational samples or ethnographical seremonial artefacts (eg.kapalas). We don’t sell, buy, or pass on human osteological specimens with unknown origin whose characteristics do not meet the above criteria. Breach of the sanctity of the grave ( Criminal Code of Finland, Criminal Law 563/1998, Chapter 17, Section 12)