Pottery oli lamp "Christ"


Holy Land, Judea, Byzantine period, 5th-8th century, private collection from Copenhagen, Denmark.

This stunning inscribed pottery oil lamp are from the Byzantine period, late 5th to early 8th century. Encircling the filling hole (discus) are three raised rings in relief, with shoulder Greek inscription translated as "The light of Christ shines on all". Sides with the stylized palm-tree motifs.

This pottery oil lamp is mold made with light terracotta-colored clay. Nozzle had even traces of soot. Good condition. Soil and dirt inside the oil lamp. Gorgeous patina. Size c. 10,0cm x 6,7cm x 3,5cm.

NB! Reference to this exact type of lamp is found in The Adler Collection, "Oil lamps of the Holy Land (2004) pg. 150, pictured as item 194.