About the objects in sale

Götan Maailma specializes in objects whose history dates back tens, hundreds, thousands or even millions of years. It is important to us that these artefacts are unique individuals that have been in use, seen life and time-worn. Because of this, most of the time the objects in sale are the only available piece. Of course, there are exceptions like fossils, of which several pieces of the same species may be found (e.g., the teeth of a prehistoric Otodus shark). Regardless, each object in sale is its own unique individual. There is no other copy. Götan Maailma does not sell newly produced or modern artefacts.

Natural history

The natural-historical antiques we sell are almost invariably at least a hundred years old, when the perception of the relationship between nature and man was very different from today. For example, taxidermy during the Victorian era (1837-1901) may look false, cruel, or tasteless when viewed today. However, we believe that man cannot escape his past and that is why nurturing these objects as “phenomena” of the era in question is paramount. Unfortunately, the destruction of such aged objects does not bring any of these animals back to life. Therefore, they must remain as a reminder to future generations as well.

The natural history artefacts we sell come from the biology classes of discontinued elementary schools, the collections of museums or private collectors / researchers. We comply with the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), which entered into force in Finland in 1976.


Ethnographic artefacts, archeology and ancient antiquity also come from private European collections and the auctioned collections of closed museums. This also enables us to be convinced of the authenticity of the objects. The objects have already passed several evaluations. We try to find out the history and provenance of the objects as much as possible. Determining age and origin is not always straightforward. Therefore, estimates of, for example, the age of an object are most often estimated in decades. In any case, the items have had several previous owners before they arrive to us. As a result, items may have markings and may have modern stands, frames, and supports attached to them.